To respond to the need of Wireless Connectivity is a website dedicated to wireless solution. This website has been created by S-Connect, Grupo Sphinx.
We have created this website to respond to the growing demand from our client on wireless and cellular technologies.

S-Connect has signed distribution agreements with supplyers leader in their market: Sierra Wireless, CradlePoint, Moxa, NetModule, MultiTech, Maestro, etc. It permits us to offer you the best product for each specific application. Moreover, as we are working jointly with these manufacturers, our high-technological team will be able to answer to your needs.

Our skill at your disposal:

  • Perfect knowledge of wireless solutions,
  • 24h/48h delivery,
  • 13 agencies in Europe
  • 20 years of expertise,
  • 500 000 products delivered a year,
  • 12 000 references in stock
  • A single interlocutor for your projects.

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