Secure your connexion in your point of sale

Retail outlet, Automated Teller Machine, Kiosk… need a 24/7 reliable and continuous connectivity. When your cable or the ADSL internet service is interrupted, your company can have different issues (income, productivity, bad customer experience…).

Solution:A 3G/4G connection in backup

CradlePoint has created the routers IBR and MBRThey are powerful and secured. With their automatic failover function, they allow to switch between your primary internet connexion (ADSL, Satellite, cable) and a very fast 4G Link. There is no loss of data. The integrated  WiFi has a doble SSID function and allows to separate the public and  the private network to secure your transactions (Access point, client, bridge….).

PCI Compliant 3.0

These product are PCI DSS 3.0.